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Jack (Jill?) of all trades, master of many

Or, The Incredible Benefits of Being a Generalist I am asked frequently what we specialize in at Big Sea. Many clients want to hear that you understand their specific industry, their vernacular and unique problems. We have many clients who are very similar, sure. We have done quite a bit of work with museums and… Read more »

We’re just not *there* yet.

As much as you might want to rush into things, I’m just not ready to commit.  We’re not *there* yet. Forcing me to endure your sales pitch by calling as soon as I download a whitepaper is basically a death sentence for our relationship. (It’s why we talk about “nurturing.”) You never get a second… Read more »

Don’t speak unless it improves the silence

I run a digital marketing agency, and we are HubSpot Gold partners. In fact, we are partners with a lot of digital marketing platforms, but HubSpot is the one that best defines the approach we use for marketing. That is: HubSpot is an inbound marketing platform, and we are an (mostly) inbound marketing agency. Content marketing is… Read more »

What got you here may not be what you need to go farther

At an awards ceremony recently, I noticed an incredible parade of horrible logos flashing across the screen. These are companies with minimum $2m in annual revenue. These are growing, successful companies. But the logos looked like they’d been made in Microsoft Paint or by someone’s nephew who took a graphic design class in high school. They… Read more »

Things that are not marketing (but really are)

Because your customers and clients ultimately tell your story, you have to understand that everything you do is marketing. Every touch point, every communication, every little thing you do or that you don’t do tells your story. Here are a few things that aren’t marketing, but really are: Answering the phone Sending an invoice Responding to job… Read more »

Your brand doesn’t belong to you

The research I did for my Master’s degree focused exclusively on digital communication. Specifically, I studied how a company’s social media activity influenced brand perception. At that time, reviews and how information spread was all new and exciting. I did a comprehensive reviews of dozens of brands’ MySpace profiles (it was the social media platform de… Read more »