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You have to play the long game.

If there’s one thing I’m certain of, marketing is a long game. There is no magic bullet, or overnight success. Take a look at the top performers in your industry and ask them what they did to get there. They won’t tell you it was SEO, or blogging, or email marketing. They won’t say it… Read more »

It’s not just why, it’s what

The theme at Inbound ’17 was empathy and authenticity. Almost every speaker — including Michelle Obama and Brene Brown — touched on the need to find your voice and connect with others.  Those things are important, absolutely. But we still have to sell widgets, right?  As marketers, we have a responsibility to work a little… Read more »

Bet your future on empathy

I’m at Inbound 2017 right now, awaiting the first breakout session scheduled for the first official day. Walking in to the conference, a huge marquee out front welcomes you with the message: “Build a future on empathy.” That may seem a bit odd for one of the world’s largest marketing conferences, but it’s the essence of… Read more »

Promises unkept

We are 6 days without power after Hurricane Irma swept through the Southeast US last weekend. For 6 days, we’ve been waiting and watching the news from our power company as they assessed damage and started restoration.   On Wednesday, after the presumed damage assessment had been completed, they issued a statement, promising power back… Read more »

Blogging every day

If you had to choose just one activity that you could rely on to grow your business, something you could do every day, what would that activity be? The communicator and strategist and inbound marketer in me suggests blogging as that one thing, and the research agrees. I’ve been blogging for well over a decade. I… Read more »

True passion is the root of authenticity

I had a conversation the other night with an acquaintance who also owns a small marketing agency.  He went on and on about his true passion, which is AI and machine learning.  How he “this marketing stuff” is just a way for him to fund his real passion, until he can make that work. And… Read more »