True passion is the root of authenticity

I had a conversation the other night with an acquaintance who also owns a small marketing agency.  He went on and on about his true passion, which is AI and machine learning.  How he “this marketing stuff” is just a way for him to fund his real passion, until he can make that work.

And I mean … that’s okay.  A side hustle to pay the bills is just fine.

But now that I know that about him, about why he’s doing what he does, it makes me doubt every bit of content he’s producing and promoting on behalf of his marketing agency.  I feel a little tinge of sadness for his clients, who aren’t getting 100% of his passion and energy.  He’s just going through the motions; doing just enough because he has to.

When you truly find your passion, when you’re doing exactly what the universe wants you to do, it’s obvious.  You live it. You breathe it. And you certainly don’t complain about it as something you have to do to keep the lights on.

Bring more of those people and companies into your life, surround yourself with them. They’re magic, and it’s contagious.