We’re just not *there* yet.

As much as you might want to rush into things, I’m just not ready to commit.  We’re not *there* yet.

Forcing me to endure your sales pitch by calling as soon as I download a whitepaper is basically a death sentence for our relationship. (It’s why we talk about “nurturing.”)

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Did you intend for that impression to be desperate and needy?  Did you want to come off as pushy and aggressive?

Give it time. We have to get to know each other first.

Your job is to make it easy for me to get you know you. Be accessible but not overbearing.

I am enjoying learning about your thoughts and opinions, but I want to move at my own pace. There are so many fish in the sea! I’m just starting to explore. I’m gathering as much information as I can, from every resource I can find.

I know you’re eager to jump into a relationship, but what I’m looking for right now is a trusted guide, a reliable expert, a credible friend. When I’m ready to commit, I trust that you’ll be there, ready to show me the next steps in our relationship and how we can take it to the next level.

Don’t ask for more than your clients or customers are ready to give; just be there when they’re ready.  Play the the long-game and you’ll be rewarded with loyalty and commitment.

That’s what inbound is all about: relationships and true connection.