New Year’s Resolutions: Yay or Nay?

Been reading a lot of posts on Linked slamming New Year’s resolutions.

If you really wanted to do something, you’d have done it by now. You can start any time! Don’t wait for tomorrow!

I politely disagree. Here’s why.

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🎄 The holiday season is a full month of events for most of us, requiring incredible stamina and causing immense stress. It’s a tough time to start new habits or really, do anything besides keep our heads above water.

🍷 Part of enjoying the holidays with family is indulging in treats and drinks and foods you wouldn’t normally enjoy. Those meals with family, drinks with friends, and cozy days on the couch are a big part of what make the holidays special. Enjoy them without guilt!

🧨 Having a milestone from which to measure your progress is necessary, and deadlines are helpful for putting plans in place. January 1 is as good a day as any to use as both a deadline for the planning phase, and day 1 for getting started.

💰 Financial goals are generally measured by fiscal years, and most of them happen to begin on Jan 1, too. Aligning your strategic plans with your fiscal year definitely makes tracking success a little easier.

For both my personal and professional life, I’m a big resolutions person, but I back them with a plan that spans months, quarters, and the entire year. It’s helpful to break things up into manageable, attainable segments.

I hope you enjoy your goal-setting and plan-making using whatever cadence and milestones make sense for you, and don’t feel pressured by the naysayers in your feed.

For me, that’s January 1 and I couldn’t be more excited to get rolling.

(But today, for this last day of December, you’ll find me drinking wine on the couch with a fire and a movie.)

Happy New Year, all. It promises to be a rocky and uncertain one, so find your peace wherever possible.