S1E9: Colin McIntosh on Building Value and Giving Back

Andi Graham and Colin McIntosh

Colin is the CEO and founder at Sheets & Giggles, a start-up that makes eco-friendly (and ultra comfy) bedding out of eucalyptus trees. Colin knew he wanted to found a business that could make an impact on his community and the earth, and he did it.

S1E8: Roger Germann on Guiding Principles and Pivoting in a Pandemic

Roger Germann on Walk the Walk Podcast

Subscribe and listen on your favorite platform! As President & Chief Executive Officer of The Florida Aquarium, Roger Germann’s leadership has been instrumental in guiding this Tampa attraction through the incredibly difficult past few months, with light at the end of the tunnel.  Roger has helped the aquarium reopen safely, slowly, and with the guidance… Read more »

S1E7: Erik Smith on Listening, Learning, and How to Talk About Race

Erik Smith and Andi Graham

There is power in listening. It can broaden perspectives and be a fundamental step towards understanding and atonement. Erik Smith knows; he owns a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) consultancy (Inclusivity LLC) and he’s been helping organizations understand their role in systemic racism for most of his career.

S1E5: Nancy Lyons on Alignment, Ownership, and Working Like a Boss

Nancy Lyons and Andi Graham

Subscribe on your favorite platform! As leaders, we are expected to guide behavior according to the values of the companies at which we work. But what about employees?  How can they find empowerment and autonomy within the ethos of the organizations at which they work? Nancy Lyons is the CEO at Clockwork, a digital consultancy,… Read more »

S1E2: Susan Scherer on Weed, Ice Cream, and Cancer Treatment

Susan Scherer on Walk the Walk

Susan Scherer is a decorated oncology nurse and entrepreneur who takes patients’ rights very seriously. Susan talks with Andi about the tough choices she’s has to make to launch a non-traditional product into a very traditional industry, and how her oath as a nurse guided those decisions.

S1E1: Dr. Jen Hall on Values and Resilience

Dr. Jen Hall on Walk the Walk

Subscribe on your favorite platform? The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a lot of opportunities for leaders to really stand up and make an impact in either positive or not so positive ways. Dr. Jennifer Hall, an executive coach, leadership trainer and assessment author, talks to Andi about how leaders can use their core values to… Read more »